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by riley harrison

Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.

Karl Wallenda

One of the keys to leading the good life is to have awareness of what works for you and really brings joy into your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone in pursuit of desired goals is always exhilarating. I remember the first time I visited a foreign country overseas and found myself in surroundings in which no one spoke English. I had this nagging fear (although I knew better) that I might starve. Last year Kathy and I visited seven countries. It was old hat; we were confident that all problems could be managed. Travel is now in  our comfort zone.

For me, the real growth opportunities occur when I’m a rookie confronting a new set of circumstances. Several current possibilities intrigue me and I’ve decided to take action and begin pursuing some new adventures.

Meditation is part of my daily routine. I do a 30 minute exercise called a body scan in which you begin by focusing on the toes of the left foot work your way through your entire body. I always feel relaxed and see things with greater clarity after I meditate. Meditation has so many health benefits (lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety/depression, strengthening of the immune system etc) and there so many practices that are tailored to enhance or strengthen a particular emotion. To develop better focus and attention a person could practice the one-pointed concentration meditation. In this practice the student focuses on a single object (candle, picture, your breathing are several common examples). There are other meditation practices to make you more loving and kind. I use meditation for stress reduction purposes but am curious about other types of meditation practices that might be beneficial. I’ve decided to take following action: enroll in a yoga class at the local YMCA, go on a 3 day church-sponsored retreat and begin investigating longer retreats (2 weeks or more) that would be more advanced.

I am fascinated by venture capitalism and admire entrepreneurs who are willing to risk much to create new businesses. I’ve always felt real kinship with risk takers.  I follow several venture capitalists who blog and this has motivated me to get involved in helping one of my kids build a prototype and market a new product. I also have scheduled a meeting  with a non-profit organization  to pursue the possibility of creating a program for incarcerated individuals who are entrepreneurially inclined and want to start their own businesses. I plan to start just teaching the basics (writing a business plan, test marketing, securing capital, learning how to scale up or grow a business and strategies for developing good networks.) and see where it leads.

On a lighter note, I am also fascinated by the concept of lucid dreaming. Lucid  dreaming is a conscious dream control process that allows you to determine and manage what you dream. If I understand the concept properly this would mean all fantasies (revenge, sexual, easy fulfillment to name a few) could be realized and enjoyed. I won’t tell you what my fantasies are but rest assured I would wake up every morning with a smile on my face LOL.






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