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by riley harrison

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries

Corita Kent


There is no guarantee that an anticipated experience is going  to be a “once in a lifetime moment” which we will always treasure. But if you never take a risk, be spontaneous or do something new, you will be guaranteed a life devoid of vitality and excitement. There is the story of Ed who constantly complained that he never won the lottery. One day a loud voice boomed down from the heavens “Ed, meet me halfway; but a lottery ticket.” In order to have a life, you have to meet life halfway. You have to try and you have to make yourself available for those “magic moments”.

Travel for me is work, but the magic moments experienced (the glassworks factories on isle of  Muarano , Bennini sculptures, the Pieta, first night in Rome, visiting an 11th century Norman house, being in the same rooms that Anne Frank hid from the Nazis in world war II, beautiful historic rivers that I have always read about but had never seen, a sense of community and lifestyle that is alien to the  American experience of living – we once dined in an outdoor restaurant that overlooked the town piazza and watched strangers unleash their dogs in the square to let them play while they chatted with one another),breathtaking art that literally makes you weak at the knees. This is why I travel. It rejuvenates me.

An elderly patient in a nursing home said “Death is not a problem if you have lived first.” Magic moments are priceless; give them a chance to happen.


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